Menance in the Night

Game Description

Those people have a normal life in general, do the same things like us, have families, sleep at night like anybody else, but when the telephone rings in the middle of the night, they are prepared to jump right away and go wherever they need, just to help someone. We are talking about the police officers who are always on the run. They have to keep the city safe so they are always on alert and when someone reports a crime, they are immediately at the place of the crime scene, prepared to do everything in order to solve the case.

Simon is also a police officer. He is a really responsible person that loves his job very much, no matter how risky job he has. He runs after the criminals and he has faced all kinds of cases during his career. However, the cases that involve children have always been the hardest ones, that is for sure.

Simon received a phone call in the middle of the night, and instantly rushed out of his house. It has been reported that a kidnapping happened, and the kidnappers are on the run. The worst part of this call is that he has to be fast and arrest those criminals as soon as he can, before they run away because they are with the small child they kidnapped! Let's help the dedicated officer do his job and save the innocent child before it's too late.

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