Genius Game Project

You think it's "genius" but did not you have a chance to prove it? Here is your chance !!! All you need to do is click on the "Start Game" button below ... but first let's learn how to play this game ...
At first we will show you 3 visuals and then these 3 visuals will disappear. You will want to remember the place of these 3 images and click on the boxes with the images. If you recall correctly all three images, you will pass on to the next stage, and the "Brain Power" will increase by 1 and we will give you exactly 5 "IQ Points" for every correct click.
You just have to click on the box with the pictures, you'll lose the empty boxes. If you double click on the same box, the click is canceled and you have to click on the desired box again. Come on, show me, how much "genius" ...