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space purge

Space Purge

Space Purge How to Play Space Purge game? In Space Purge, protect the Earth from asteroids and small planets as long as possible! Make it so that no object from space under your planet, for which you will meet them fire your spaceship. Act so that all objects are destroyed from a safe distance, as the number of lives

Halloween Bubble Shooter

Halloween Bubble Shooter

Halloween Bubble Shooter How to Play? Halloween Bubble Shooter – Aim & Shoot bubbles so that they attach to other bubbles, creating clumps of 3 or more of the same color to clear them. The more bubbles you take down with a single shot, the more points you’ll score. If you make a mistake by shooting without clearing

crazy runner

Crazy Runner

Crazy Runner  How to play the Crazy Runner game online on the computer? 1. You only need to have access to the internet to play a running game for free. To play the game, access the Meramaal website and go to the games section. 2. Type “Crazy Runner” to click on Play button. It takes only a

christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts Help Santa to deliver Christmas gifts! How to play? You need to tap and hold the line with the mouse or finger to string/join together three or more similar items. You can score high when the items disappear. Enjoy the game like Adventure, Sports, and  Puzzle games.