How to Play Sudoku game?

Do you love Puzzle games? Here is a classic game for all the ages. Play Sudoku with your amazing brain skills and strategies. The target of the game is to fill all the blank cells with 1 to 9 digits in the 9×9 grid, so that every row, column, and 3×3 block contains all the 1 to 9 digits once. Hints will be displayed in the game when you click on the “show hints” button. Use Arrow keys to move and number digits 1-9. Use enter key to enter the number. The difficulty in the game increases as the level increases. Play Now. The difficulty in the game increases as the level increases. This Online website is providing other game like Education games– Sports game-Casino game- Adventure game-Puzzle Game- Car Race Game-Action Game, this type of games are absolutely free to play.