Caribbean Stud Poker

caribbean stud poker

Caribbean Stud Poker

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker game in Online?

  • Caribbean Stud Poker is a table game found in land-based and online casinos and is based on the same principal as five-card stud poker, but unlike other poker games, Caribbean Stud players are set against the house and not other players. Therefore, bluffing is useless in Caribbean Stud Poker.
  • If you think you have the better hand, raise by placing a bet that is double your ante. If you don’t think you can beat the Dealer, fold. If you do, you forfeit your ante. To win, you must beat the Dealer’s hand and the Dealer must qualify with a hand that has an ace and a king or better. If the Dealer does not qualify, you are paid 1 to 1 on your ante and your raise is returned to you as a push. This Online website is providing other game like Education games– Sports game-Casino game- Adventure game-Puzzle Game- Car Race Game-Action Game, this type of games are absolutely free to play.
  • If your hand beats the Dealer’s and the Dealer qualifies, you’re paid on the ante and your raise. The payoff of the ante is 1 to 1. The payout on your bet will be determined by the quality of your hand. If the Dealer beats your hand, you lose your ante and your bet. If you and the Dealer have the same hand, the next highest card decides who wins.
    1. Click on a chip to place a bet.
    2. Additional clicks on the chip interface will add to the wager.
    3. To remove a bet, click on the chip in the betting circle.
    4. Minimum amount to bet is $1 while the maximum is $500.

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