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List of other small interesting online games & top online games free to play. Get all types of online games for all game people like racing, action, sports & real-time many more games



Genius How to Play Genius Game? Genius – Challenge your memory with this amazing puzzle game, Play the game by clicking on Start the game. Your objective in this game is to remember the places of all the visuals once shown and click on the boxes. If you click the boxes correctly by recalling them, you will pass to


Archery Games to cut fruits

Archery How to Play Archery Game in Online? Play Archery Games online for free. The target of the game is to make all the fruits fall to the ground by hitting them with an arrow. Use Mouse pointer to drag the arrow from the bow and release it. Each fruit scores you 10 points. Hit as many fruits as

MiniChopper Fuel game is a Skill Game, While you need to fly as a chopper and keep away from the missiles using the space bar button.

MiniChopper with Fuel

MiniChopper with Fuel MiniChopper with Fuel game is a Skill Game, While you need to fly as a chopper and keep away from the missiles using the space bar button. Based on the distance you will get the Flying points. Let’s see How Far can you Go?MiniChopper Fuel game is a Skill Game, While you need to fly

aladdin adventure

Aladdin Adventure

Aladdin Adventure Play Aladdin Game Online Best Action Game for Everyone Welcome to the city of Aladdin Have you ever dreamed about being a warrior or the protector of the empire? It’s time to visualize your dream. Save Jasmine, the princess of Aladdin city. Play Aladdin game online at Meramaal for free. It’s very cool and engaging game. This Online website

funny soccer

Funny Soccer

Funny Soccer How to Play Funny Soccer game? Funny Soccer – Play Kids sports game Funny Soccer for free. In this game, you need to pick a team and try to score goals against the opponent. Use left and right arrows for moving, Z and X to kick the ball. Score high in the given limit of 60 seconds.

the for saken town

The Forsaken Town

The Forsaken Town Description The Forsaken Town – Accidents happen. Unfortunately, that is true and when it comes about natural catastrophes, usually the consequences could not be avoided. Natural catastrophes are able to destroy cities, to take people’s lives, to hurt them and change the courses of their lives Often, after the bigger catastrophes, people are forced to

Spring Of Inspiration

Spring Of Inspiration

Spring Of Inspiration  Description Spring Of Inspiration – Writers, including artists in general, are always is a search for inspiration. Aside from the talent and the hard work, the inspiration is the most important thing for their profession because the inspiration is the initial point for every piece of art. Artists are prepared to do everything in

Cricket Batter Challenge

Cricket Batter Challenge

Cricket Batter Challenge Play Cricket Games Online Being long time fan of cricket game and childhood ground play must have raised your desire to get the bat in the hand and make a six. Most popular cricket game is available on your fingertips now. Play Online games at Meramaal website and application for free. How does cricket game

pirates of dockgold

The Pirates Of Dockgold

The Pirates Of Dockgold Description The Pirates Of Dockgold – Lisa is an adventurer. She is a type of person that is always in a search for something new and exciting. That is the reason why she travels a lot and visits exotic places all around the world. While most of the people usually go for visiting regular

the new receipe

The New Recipe

The New Recipe How to Play The New Recipe game? The New Recipe – Since cooking is an inevitable part of our lives, all people are interested in it, more or less. That is the reason why there are so many cooking televisions and so many different cooking TV shows that have such high ratings. Those shows are that popular