Mad Shark

Game Description

Best way of getting lost in the sea: Play Shark Game Online

Do you love fishes especially shark? Are you in love with aquatic life? If you are crazy about fishing games and want to experience their world, then we believe that you definitely going to like it. Probably, you have played shark game where you drive a water boat and save yourself from shark. A lot of games are made for shark lovers. Shark is one of the dangerous species found in sea. But gamers are real challengers that's why they fall in love with action games.

We have one of the best online shark game for action game lovers. It's time to experience like a powerful fish "Shark". Dive deep in the see and protect yourself from lot of obstacles coming in your way. Scientists are there to catch you so that they can perform experiment on you. Ship bombarding bullets can kill you and bombs are planted to blow you up. If challenges are there, then rewards are also there to boost up your pleasure. Eat fishes and scuba divers to collect maximum number of coins to score high. Lot of power boosters are also floating in the water to empower you with special features like more speed, blast all the bombs, extra bonus points.

Controls to play shark game online

1. Up arrow key is used to make shark float up.
2. Use Down arrow key to make the shark swim down in the sea.

How to play free shark game on computer?

It's real quick to access and play shark game online on any desktop or laptop. You only need to open web browser and access Meramaal website.
1. To play the game, type "Shark Game" in the top search bar in Game section.
2. Click on "Play" icon to start fishing game. You will get a loading screen with a laughing shark image in the background. It takes only few seconds while game is loaded.
3. Use Up and Down arrow key to control movement of shark.
4. To score in the game, eat fishes and scuba divers coming in the way. Also, save yourself from obstacles coming in the way.

How to play shark game in Android or iOS?

To play shark online on mobile, you must have access to Meramaal application on your phone. You can download a free copy of application from Google Play store for Android and iTunes for iOS.
1. Click on Game section and search for “Shark Game.”
2. Click on Play to load shark game on your screen. It's matter of second only.
3. You will see Up and Down arrow on left side of screen to control movement of shark fish. With help of icon available on right side, send signals to kill scuba divers, eat small fishes and collect points easily.

Features that made us best online shark game

1. First feature that we have special for you is accessibility. Shark game is available on all devices and it can be played anywhere in the world. You only need to connect with internet and you are all set to experience a new world "Underwater World".
2. You can play free shark game online on Meramaal website and application. It doesn't require any registration or download.
3. If you are looking for free mobile games then shark game is one of them you will admire. It is mobile friendly. User interface is cool and engaging to give you best experience of fishing games.
4. Anyone can access and play shark game online regardless of their age. We love to surprise kids with best free games so designed awesome online shark game for kids. Yes, you can categorise this game as best fishing game for toddlers.
5. Sharing is fun and easy. You can select any social media method to share free online shark game with your friends.

Ready to become the part of biggest aquarium adventure? We are glad to see your curiosity for free online shark game. We are happy to be the best place to cater your online game addiction. At Meramaal, you will get largest bucket of online absolutely free games so you can take out any one of them and as many of them whenever and wherever you want. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive like shark to win in best online fishing game.

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