Aladdin Adventure

Game Description

Play Aladdin Game Online – Best Action Game for Everyone

Welcome to the city of Aladdin! Have you ever dreamed about being a warrior or the protector of the empire? It's time to visualize your dream. Save Jasmine, the princess of Aladdin city.

Play Aladdin game online at Meramaal for free. It's very cool and engaging game. In this game, you need to run for a mission and fight with enemies coming your way. Save yourself from obstacles, collect life, coins and other rewards to win the mission. Make sure that you earn new life before existing one is dead. Jumping on fort wall is not easy and takes lot of concentration to clear the level.

Aladdin game is full of adventurous experience. Initially only Level 1 will be accessible. Next level will open once you crack the previous level. Games becomes more challenging and hurdles added with increase in level.

Aladdin video game has been one of the favorite game among kids. Concept is same as old Aladdin game that we used to play in the past. We mixed the concept with good features to launch mobile friendly new Aladdin game.

Controls required to play online Aladdin game

It is user friendly game with easy access to controls in order to lead high score and achieve seamless gaming experience.
1. If you are playing Aladdin game in computer, use Up arrow key to jump and save from obstacles. .
2. In order to play this game on mobile, tap the mobile screen to jump on the wall and collect the coins. .

How to play Aladdin game on computer?

It is quite different from Aladdin PC game. To play Aladdin game on laptop or desktop, you doesn't require to download the game. An access to internet is all required.
1. Access Meramaal website in the web browser and click on Games section. .
2. Type "Aladdin Game" in top search bar. .
3. Click "Play" button to start the game. .
4. Please use up arrow key to jump on the wall and save from various obstacles. .

How to play Aladdin game on mobile for free?

Aladdin game is designed for mobile so that you carry adventurous with you in pocket anywhere. To play the game on mobile, you only need to download Meramaal application. You can download free copy of Meramaal app on android or iOS smart phone.
1. Open Meramaal app on mobile and click on Game icon. .
2. Search for "Online Aladdin Game" in search bar on top. .
3. Click on Play button to load the game. It takes only few moment to load Aladdin game on screen. .
4. Tap the mobile screen to jump over obstacles and collect the coins. .

Tips for online Aladdin game

Be careful while you are jumping from one wall to another wall. You will lose life in case you fell down. Get heart shape rewards in order to boost up life and rolling on the game.

Best features of Aladdin game:

1. You can play Aladdin game anywhere on any device whether you are on computer or mobile. You only need to connect with internet and everything is set to enter in Aladdin's world. Cross platform functionality is developed to enhance user experience for Aladdin game lovers.
2. Playing Aladdin game online is free from all kind of registration and formalities. To access free Aladdin game you only need to open Meramaal app or website. Also, you don't need to download this game so memory is not consumed.
3. This is best Aladdin game for kids especially those who are more than 5 years. This game stimulates their brain response time and problem solving capacity.
4. User interface of Aladdin game is unique and beautiful. You can turn off the background music if you want to play game silently.
5. We understand that you not only take challenges but also love to give challenge. That's why we made it easy to share the game. You can share with your friends with only one click while game screen is loaded.

Whatever the game you love and wherever you feel game craving. We are always available to fulfill your ultimate game desire. We are best place to check in the kingdom of games where you can play online free games whenever you want. Looking for free online Aladdin game? Your search stops here. Let's start an amazing thrill filled journey in the city of Aladdin.

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