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Being long time fan of cricket game and childhood ground play must have raised your desire to get the bat in the hand and make a six. Most popular cricket game is available on your finger tips now. Play online cricket game at Meramaal website and application for free.

How cricket game works?

Cricket is most played game on the internet that is organized in the form of series and tournaments. Two teams with 11 players participate in the cricket match. Cricket game may have series with single over, 20 over, 50 over or unlimited number of over till all the players are out. One over has 6 balls. Batman need to face different styles of bowling and get the score. Team collecting highest score than other team wins the game.

We don't let your cricket love fade away. That's why we have created amazing cricket match game for you that has unique design and cross platform functionality. Online Cricket game is made for all those cricket game lovers who have passion to hit the ball in the ground. In this game, you can select two teams between which match needs to be played.

How to play cricket game on computer?

It's very easy to play online cricket game on computer. You only need to access Meramaal website and click on Games section.
1. Search for Online Cricket Game in the top search bar.
2. Click on Play icon to load the game on desktop screen. It takes couple of seconds to load the game.
3. Start playing cricket game as directed under information window.

Best features of Online Cricket Game

1. You don't need to download the cricket game to play it. It is absolutely free and no sign up required getting into scoring world. This cricket game is played online so hardware memory is not consumed. It's light weighted game.
2. Technology is changing with the time and it getting advanced day by day and same goes with games. Way of playing game is also getting advanced every day. Users love to access game on their way so we made cricket game for mobile users. To play online cricket game on mobile, user only need to access website and cricket world is presented on their mobile screen.
3. Cricket game is made for everyone. Kids are specially fan of cricket game that why we can say that it fantastic online cricket game for kids. However, it is not restricted on age so everyone can play this game.
4. Now sharing the amazing cricket game online with your colleagues is very easy. To play cricket game online, your friends only need click the link shared by you.
5. It is single player game so you can play online cricket game without requirement of any partner by selecting desired team to play with.

How to play cricket on mobile?

It's free and easy to play cricket on smart phone. Only internet connection and Meramaal mobile application is required to access this best cricket game online in seconds. You can easily download free copy of Meramaal application from Google Play Store or iTunes store
1. Click on game section of the application and search for mobile cricket game.
2. Select game and click on play icon to load the game on mobile screen.
3. Use touch screen to target the ball in particular direction. Make higher score than your opponent to win the game.

Controls to play online cricket game

Controls play very important role in making the game interactive. Some game has odd control that increases complexity of the game. Cricket game has user friendly control system so that you can pay your whole attention on score.
1. In order to play cricket in computer, use A & D or Left and Right key button on keyboard to shift player according to ball. Use Up arrow key or Z button to hit the ball.
2. If you are playing online cricket on mobile, use left and right icons on touch screen to shift player in particular direction. Tap the screen to make the shot. Isn't that easy?

Tips for online cricket game

1. Timing is main thing in cricket game. If your batting movement doesn't match with bowling then strike rate will be down and you will lose the wicket soon.
2. Every bowler had own style of throwing the ball on the pitch. Concentrate on bowling style and direction of ball. If it is a spin ball and you don't hit on right time, it can get LBW and hence results in wicket loss.
3. Don't touch the wide ball. Why take pain of someone else mistake? It gives you extra score and extra ball in the over if you don't touch a wide ball.

Playing cricket match online and hundreds of other games is now easy and free at Meramaal website and application. Let’s hit every ball against boundary to create unbreakable record.

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