Car Rush

Game Description

Car Rush – A top notch online car racing game
Ready to become the part of the exciting racing car world? So here the fun begins with car racing game. Grab your car, show off your driving skills and reach the goal. We love you speedy desire to drive the car on Formula 1 track and use all physics mechanism to catch the highest speed. To spark your passion, we have created a great car racing game. Car Rush game is an ultimate free driving game online. It is designed for all speed lovers and we are excited to say that it will enhance your love for speed. Whether you are a child or an old person, new comer or an experienced guy, this car racing game will certainly amaze you and prove it to be your fantastic friend when you have free time to kill or you are on the way or let's say you are getting bored at the home. Best thing about this game is that it is perfectly designed for everyone.
If you have crave for speed and you are looking for free online car racing game then you are at perfect place. With exciting list of car games and other online driving games, we connect you with largest sports world.

Online car racing game can be a real fun because it doesn't take much to you connect with speed. It gives one touch access to your car driving skill. In the virtual car racing world, you do not need to fear about financial loss when you hit other cars (lol). Car Rush is best online car racing game which you have ever played. You can play this game easily on laptop, desktop and mobile. You only need to take control of your car steering and save it from all the obstacles coming in your way. Obstacles are generated due to other cars. To play this free car game or any other driving game, you only need to access Meramaal website and click on play. That's all. It's that easy! Isn't it?

Controls for car racing game: 1. Up Arrow to escalate the car on the road
2. Down Arrow to break or slow down the speed
3. Left and Right Arrow to steer the car so that it can run easily and save itself from other racing cars.
4. Space bar is used to catch the turbo speed.

How to play online driving game on computer?
1. Access Meramaal website in any web browser and select Car Rush online racing game under featured games.

2. Click play to start and it takes only few seconds to load the car game

3. Select the world you want to run your car. For example: Tropical, Mountain and City Road.

4. Use controls to drive your car.

5. Reach destination checkpoint within given time. Once you clear one level then other level is unlocked.

Games ends when you run out of time or you strike against any car or anything that lies on the side of road.

How to play racing game online on the mobile for free?

1. Download Meramaal application from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes store.

2. Select Car Rush online car racing game under featured game section.

3. Click play to start the game and it takes few seconds to load the car game on mobile screen.

4. Rotate screen to play. Use Left and right arrow to give direction to the car. On the right side of mobile screen, accelerator and brake are given. Click on the accelerator to run your car and touch the right and left arrow to steer the wheel along with it.

5. You need to cross level 1 to unlock other level.

online car game:

Everyone loves car racing game or everyone loves to race his or her car on the road top grade so we have made this game to spice up your driving enthusiasm. This car game combines you with thrilling adventurous experience.

Car Rush is absolutely free online racing game. This car game doesn't require any registration. You only need to have the access to the internet and you get this amazing driving game for free in seconds on your screen.

Racing car game is designed for all age. No matter you are a small child or a professional working in large organization, it is funny, relaxing and engaging driving game online catered to you.

Easy control and smooth user interface makes this car game mobile friendly and adds an ultimate experience to your car driving passion.

Do you have crush for online racing games? Are you looking for exciting 3D and 2D car games? Do you love to play online free games? Then, Car Rush online car racing game is the real solution for you.

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