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List of top free kids games, online kid games, children games online for increasing the memory power, learn the alphabets, numbers & many more.

pepper the chicken

Pepper the Chicken

Pepper the Chicken How to Play Pepper the Chicken game? Pepper the Chicken Game – A Simple Game that looks like a Flappy Bird. Your now a bird and has to jump and fly escaping from the obstacles that harm you. Use Spacebar, wor up arrow to jump. You can also click with the mouse to jump. You

fruit matcher

Fruit Matcher

Fruit Matcher How to Play Fruit Matcher Game? Fruit Match Game is a basic puzzle game for everyone to play. Here you find 3 levels, Line up the identical fruits to complete each level. Get Points by Matching the Same fruits. This Online website is providing other game like Education games– Sports game-Casino game- Adventure game-Puzzle Game- Car Race Game-Action

chicken arcade

Chicken Arcade

Chicken Arcade  How to Play Chicken Arcade? Chicken Arcade – To play the Chicken arcade games, using the Arrow buttons cross the 2 lanes of traffic road, cars moving on the road much faster. For each cross earn 10 points. It is a very funny online game for arcade games. Let’s see how much score you will get

soccer ultimate

Soccer Ultimate

Soccer Ultimate Soccer Casino Game Online A new way to Soccer Welcome to Soccer Ultimate the world of amazing slot machine soccer game! This game is great combination of soccer and classic casino game. Concept of head soccer slot game is similar to sports betting. This game is made for football fans around the world. One of the best

recognize me

Recognize Me

Recognize Me How to Play Recognize Me game? Recognize Me – Mostly Kids love to play the Spelling learning Games online. These type of Educational Games help to improve their Spelling knowledge as well as getting a lot of Fun while Playing. These Game will help to play in the schools to improve the Students Knowledge. This Online website is

Frog Jumps

Frog Jumps

Frog Jumps How to Play Frog Jumps game? Make fun with this Frog Jumps game for kids. Your aim in this game is to make the frog jump from one stone to another stone using arrow keys. Press space bar or any key to start the game. Collect all the cups and power-ups to score high. Make sure you

connect water pipes

Connect Water Pipes

Connect Water Pipes How to Play connect water pipes game? Play a Simple game, Connect Water Pipes. Your goal in this game is to connect all the pieces of pipes into correct place, so that water starts running into the tank. If any of the pieces don’t match to the previous one, the water starts leaking and games will

Freekick Training

Freekick Training

Freekick Training How to Play Freekick Training game? Freekick Training – Are you fond of football games? Here is a game for you. Freekick Training – Select your favorite nation and make as many goals and stars. This to lead the victory of your nation. Use mouse pointer to hold and drag for hitting the ball to make

crazy freekick

Crazy Freekick

Crazy Freekick How to Play Crazy Freekick game? Play Crazy Freekick and show how to kick a soccer ball using your amazing kicking skills. You need to select your favorite team and stop the bars using the space bar or mouse to select the point to hit the ball. This is a time-based game – the bonus multiplier decreases