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Tetris Puzzle – Flip the Fun

Whenever we think about puzzle then first word that strike in our mind is “Brainstorming”. Puzzle gives us mental challenge and enhances our mental capacity to a great level. It’s funny, exciting and full of surprises. You get a new challenge at each stage. We all have been playing a lot of brain games since childhood, many of which become memorable. And we connect you to the world of free online puzzle games that you have always loved. Whether it is the number puzzle, word puzzle or picture puzzle, Meramaal is one stop destination to play a number of free online puzzles, where you can solve your favorite puzzle by sitting in any corner of the world. That means you can empower your brain anywhere on any device (Desktop, Laptop and Mobile).

Tetris and Tetriminos

Tetris is one of the most popular puzzle game that was designed by Alexey Pajitnov. Almost all of us have played Tetris game. This is a very interesting game that is available for all devices ranging from small mobile phones to desktops. Tetris word is combination of tetra and tennis. Every piece in the Tetris puzzle game has four segments and concept is similar to tennis. These pieces are known as Tetriminos. Small square blocks in Tetriminos are connected with each other to form a shape. Every geometric shape has different color.

Tetriminos fall down in playing field in random shape and sequence. The purpose of Tetris game is to create a horizontal line with the help of these Tetriminos without any gap in between. As soon as a complete line is created with the help of the small square blocks, the line is destroyed. And the blocks lying above these cubes also fall down. You can easily change the shape and place of Tetriminos in order to create a complete line. This can be done only before Tetriminos hits at any layer. Game ends when playing field is filled with square blocks and new Tetriminos cannot enter any more. At every new stage, the game becomes more challenging. With new level, Tetriminos fall down sharply, so you get less time to change the shape and place the Tetriminos. You need to be a real quick in action and that is what the whole purpose of Tetris puzzle game.

How to play Tetris puzzle in desktop?

You can play Tetris game online with the help of keyboard/touchpad in desktop/laptop. You only need to access Meramaal website and click on Tetris in Puzzle Games section. We have made clean User Interface and easy game controls to improve your online gaming experience.
Here are the minimum hardware and software requirements to play game in computer.
 Processor (Pantium 4 or above)
 RAM (512 MB)
 Internet Explorer (IE 9.0 or above)/ Google Chrome
 Updated Flash Player

• Select Tetris in the Games section and click Play icon to start the game.
• To play Tetris game, use top arrow to change the shape of tetriminos.
• To move blocks, use left and right arrow keys.
• If you want blocks to fall quickly then use space bar in keyboard. However pace of fall increases with every new level.

How to play Tetris in Android/iOS?

We have created a seamless online gaming experience for you so that you can access games on mobile anywhere anytime. Here are steps to start with Tetris.
• Download Meramaal application in Android or iOS device to play puzzle games .
• Click Play icon to start and it takes few second to load the game.
• Tap on mobile screen to flip the shape to get desired shape of tetriminos.
• You can shift square cubes in desired place in playing field with touch of finger. It’s that easy to play Tetris on mobile device.
Certain algorithms run behind Tetris score. More complex solutions are awarded more score. For an example, a user clearing four horizontal rows in one time gets more score than a person who is eliminating only one line.

Facts about Tetris that leave you amazed

Here are some facts that will make you fall in love with most addictive game computer game i.e, Tetris. It has been in the list of "Greatest Games of All Time". As a part of academic research, scientists used Tetris to study computational and cognitive behavior of human brain. You will be glad to know that brain response time is improved with puzzle games.

Features of Tetris

• Tetris is free puzzle game available on MeraMaal website and application.
• It doesn’t require any registration to play.
• Tetris is very light weighted puzzle game that loads in almost no time.
• Tetris is very interesting and engaging game for everyone.
• It is single player puzzle game that anyone can play alone easily.

We love your passion and we know numerous ways to uplift it. Puzzles are not limited to Tetris only, we have a bucket of puzzle games including Sliding Puzzle, Sudoku, Colour Flood, Word Puzzle and counting goes on. So get ready to Connect 4, Swap the Ball, Match Fruit and Say Tic Tac Toe.

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