Bubble Shooter

Game Description

Bubble Shooter Game – Engage with fun online

Bubble Shooter is an extremely simple and addictive game delivering lots of fun. The more you play the more you want it. Bubble Shooter is very engaging game ever and mind game for user, so never miss this game.

Bubble shooting game is single player video game so you can play it alone. Match 3 bubbles of same colour to burst and win. Use less shot to get more points. Applying thoughts strategically is crucial to target and shoot in order to destroy the bubbles. The more bubbles you destroy leads you score high.

Apart from the interesting game play, Bubble shooting game at Meramaal has beautiful design as well. Background of game is so attractive with water bubbles and an eye catching cute fish with smiling face.

Bubble shooting game for kids

This game is very helpful for children. This fun filled game is an exciting way to learn colours for toddlers. Shooting game is not only great for kids but also variety of difficult levels makes it suitable for everyone. We are sure that it will keep you engaged for many hours and once you start this game, you can't stop playing.

How to shoot bubbles?

To play bubble shooter game you need to form cluster of at least three balls of the same colour so that entire chain is burst. This game will be interesting and knowledgeable for children to learn colours as well as for adults who wants to develop various functions of their brains. You should aim precisely and shoot the bubbles otherwise bubbles can hit the side border of playing screen and diverted in another direction.

This game is very easy to learn and play that’s why it became popular in short time. The main mission of bubble shooter is to collect as many points as possible. To achieve high score you need to destroy the cluster of coloured bubbles in less shot. In the bottom centre of the gaming screen you will find a gun with cute fish. Direction of the gun changes according to target.

How to play bubble shooter in desktop?

In order to play bubble shooter in desktop, please access Meramaal website and click on Games section. It’s absolutely free to access and play game online on our website. Follow these easy steps to be the part of gaming world.
• Type “Bubble Shooter” in the top search bar of website and you will get the icon of the game.
• Click Play to start the game. It takes only 2-3 seconds to load the game.
• Use computer mouse/touchpad as a pointer to shoot the bubble.

Novice Tip: Check the colour of ball in the gun tank before you shoot and target in that direction where balls of same colour are already present. As soon as balls of same colour match and quantity reach up to 3, they burst.

After some time when you shoot bubbles a new row of bubbles will appear because bubbles stick with existing row and the game ends if a bubble reaches the bottom border. Bubble shooting game is an intuitive game that it takes just seconds to get started and the high score is a fantastic motivation booster.

How to Play Bubble Shooter in Android / iOS?

In this mobile world, we keep you packed with interesting games and puzzles while you are on the way. Playing shooting game on smart phone is ultimate gaming experience.
• You can easily download Meramaal app in Android from Google Play Store and in iOS from Apple iTunes.
• In order to play bubble shooting game in application, click Games section and type “Bubble Shooter”.
• Click Play button to start game. It takes just a few second to load the game.
• Tap on mobile screen in the direction where you want the gun to shoot the bubble. If 3 bubbles of same color are connected, they burst and points are added in the score. That’s easy, right!

Best Features - Why Bubble Shooting Game?

• The best thing about bubble shooting game is that it is the game for all age. It is learning, entertaining and engaging game for all.
• It is free online game and doesn’t require any registration.
• It is easy to play on any device ranging from smart phone to desktop.
• It doesn’t consume large memory space or processing power.
• It motivates you to keep your aim high. Always concentrate on your goal and carefully take action to achieve that.
So get ready to be the highest scoring shooter with the enduring online game.
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