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Dress up your Barbie girl in your way – Girls Game Online

Girls and fashion are synonymous with each other. There is hardly any girl who does not like fashion. Everybody likes to look good, to wear good clothes. The girls themselves are like doll. We all have played with Barbie dolls in our childhood. Even we decorated our Barbie like a bride, princess or a doctor/ teacher etc. In those games we use to fulfill our imagination and dream. We see ourselves portrait in that Barbie. But as the time has passed there are so many changes came in our life style. Everyone is busy in their lives. Nobody has time for others. Families are also getting smaller. The number of children is decreased and now today is the time of nuclear family. Because of these reasons, there has also been a lot of difference in upbringing and living of children. Is it right for children to destroy their childhood? Is it right to take away them from their innocence? Not at all! Just keeping this in mind we created a very nice and engaging game for girls. Name of the game is “Girl Dress Up”. Barbie dress up is one of the most popular girl games online. For this game you need an internet connection and you can access Barbie girl game online free anywhere.

How to play Barbie girl game online?

A lot of games for girls are available for all devices including laptop, desktop and smart phone. Best thing is that you don’t require downloading any game. You don’t need to register to play girls game online. It’s free and amazing.

To play Barbie girl dress up game in desktop computer, go to the Meramaal website and click on the games section.
1. Type “Girl Dress Up Game” and click on Play button. It loads within 2-3 seconds.
2. Click on right and left icon which is given with all option to give desired look to Barbie girl.
3. Click on human icon to overview decorated Barbie girl.
4. You can save the picture under Save icon.

How to play Barbie girl game on Android/iOS?

To play Barbie dress up game on mobile, you need to download Meramaal app on Android or iPhone.

1. Search “Girl Dress Up ” in games section of mobile application.
2. Click Play to start game , it takes few seconds only to load the game.
3. Tap left/right icons on screen to put costume on your Barbie.
4. You can create and save number of charming Barbie makeover.

Best features of Barbie girl dress up game

When you open this game a beautiful Barbie doll/girl will appear on your game screen with so many options and this doll is waiting for you with a great wardrobe collection. You have lots of options to makeover your Barbie doll according to you. You can completely customize the looks and dress of Barbie like a beautiful and sweet princess.

Barbie hair style:

Seven different hair styles straight, blunt cut, curls, short hair, long hair, ponytail, layer cutting etc. Besides it you can colour your barbie's hair in your desirable colour black, brown, golden, orange, purple, magenta, ivory, green, chocolaty etc. Here is an option to change eyes in different colours like blue eyes, black eyes, brown eyes. How can you imagine Barbie eyes without glasses? Girl dress up game provides you variety of glasses with unique designs and colours.

Barbie Dress up:

Now the most exciting step of Barbie dress up game is to dress up your Barbie doll as you wish. Here is a vast range of dresses in attractive colour and design which enhance the beauty of your Barbie doll in few second only. You can dress up your Barbie in Bikini, off shoulder frock, frilled frock, gown, jeans- top, capri and spegity, printed leggings with stylish top, swim suit, sweat shirt and trousers. And, yes of course, you can change the colour of dress as per your choice. After that you will choose footwear for your cute Barbie doll that match with her dress. Within this dress up game for girls you get option to select colour of footwear according to you.

Barbie Makeover:

No, no it’s not the ending my dear! You have to do three main changes first one is to change lip colour of your pretty Barbie to make her more pretty. Next one is to change skin colour, yes there is an option to change skin colour to brown, wheatish or fair white as you like and the third one is to change polish your Barbie girl’s nail colour to match with her dress. Now your looks can mesmerise anyone. So you can your own Barbie girl to whom you can give desired look without spending any money. You can change her looks like your own taste and mood for example- a college going girl looks, a girl ready to enjoy party, an office going working lady, a little girl going to picnic. Girls dress up game is very easy to use just click your finger which option you want to select. Here is melodious background music in Barbie game online with an option to on/ off audio.

Girl dress up game is fabulous game that not only connects you with your childhood but also brings out your creativity and beauty of your mind in form of sweet Barbie girl. We have created lot of games for girls online so that they can learn and fill their free moments with funny exiting games. So girls, let’s rock the world with our action and passion. Because it’s all about girls and girl’s game.

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