Tetris -Puzzle game

Tetris  Online Tetris Puzzle Flip the Fun Tetris – Whenever we think about a puzzle then the first word that strikes in our mind is Brainstorming. Tetris puzzle games give us a mental challenge and enhance our mental capacity to a great level. Its funny, exciting and full of surprises. You get a new challenge at each

I Hate Rabbit

I Hate Rabbit

I Hate Rabbit How to Play I Hate Rabbit Game? Evil is attacking the rabbits, try to save the rabbits! Play I Hate Rabbit, best adventure game for free. In this game, you need to save the rabbits from the evil. Use space to jump and survive. there are 9 levels. This Online website is providing other game like Education

connect four

Connect Four

Connect Four How to Play Connect Four Game in Online? Connect Four is a simple multiplayer game. In this game, you first choose a color and click to drop your discs. When you connect four discs vertically, horizontally or diagonally then you win! Use mouse pointer to click at the point you want to place the disc. This Online

swap the ball

Swap the Ball

Pepper the Chicken How to Play Swap the Ball Game? Swap the Ball – Amazing Puzzle Game to test your brain. Your objective in this game is to move a ball to the green square without touching the red square. If you touch the red square, you will die. Use Space to continue, arrow keys to move the ball

pepper the chicken

Pepper the Chicken

Pepper the Chicken How to Play Pepper the Chicken game? Pepper the Chicken Game – A Simple Game that looks like a Flappy Bird. Your now a bird and has to jump and fly escaping from the obstacles that harm you. Use Spacebar, wor up arrow to jump. You can also click with the mouse to jump. You



Genius How to Play Genius Game? Genius – Challenge your memory with this amazing puzzle game, Play the game by clicking on Start the game. Your objective in this game is to remember the places of all the visuals once shown and click on the boxes. If you click the boxes correctly by recalling them, you will pass to

flicking soccer

Flicking Soccer

Flicking Soccer How to Play Soccer Game in Online? Flicking Soccer – Are you going to play a football game? You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you can still be betting With the help of a player to play the game, you should be able to play a role in the game like soccer. Can you also own and control